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Terms of the service

* Service Centre will not be responsible for any data loss. Erasing all data and reinstalling OS/iOS is required for diagnosis. Please back up your data, remove all personal information that you want to protect and disable all security passwords before you visit to the Service Center to deliver your Product. Service Center will not be responsible for any data loss or data recovery.

* Diagnose duration is up to 3 business days, estimated date of delivery: 7 to 14 Business days, depending on availability of spare parts required.

* Diagnosis charge will be charged for all out of warranty & physically damaged units in case of quotation refusal as follow:
- MAC: 200 SR
- iPhone: 100 SR

* Operating Systems Restoration is not covered by warranty, charges apply, please check with reception desk.

* Service will be provided as per to the Apple's Hardware Warranties policy, please find at the following link

* iPhone/iPad/iPod replacement units will not have Face Time application.

* Please make sure to deactivate Activation Lock (iCloud/Find My iPhone) from iOS units before delivering to service. We will not accept any Device with Find My iPhone Enabled.

* Service Providers do not provide FMI - Find My iPhone (iCloud) deactivation service, in case you need assistance, please contact AppleCare Call Center

* Maximum units accepted per appointment is limited to one device only, if you need to deliver more units, please book another appointment.

* In case of no show / delay for more than 10 minutes, the appointment will be canceled and customer will need to make a new booking.