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Service policy

Terms and conditions for maintenance of i-weaver:

The term i-weaver or we or maintenance refers to i-weaver maintenance of Al-Nasaj International Limited.

The customer, you or the device indicates the beneficiary of the service.

The information provided by i-weaver maintenance personnel or that has been placed in the i-weaver social media accounts is for the educational and knowledge information of the customer and is subject to change, amendment and addition without notifying the customer.

In i-weaver we will make the necessary efforts to repair the devices during the estimated time of delivery, with i-weaver not responsible for the delay of the specified time if this delay is due to a reason outside our control, and i-weaver is entitled to refrain from providing services or repairs.

Detailed points to complete the terms and conditions:

1- i-weaver undertakes to provide the service with all necessary skill and care, and that the warranty period for iOS parts is two months, and Mac parts are six months.

2- i-weaver is not responsible for the customer forgetting the e-mail or the iCloud password in the device.

3- You acknowledge the right of i-weaver to make formats for your device if the need arises.

4- If the i-Weaver maintenance team is unable to provide the necessary service to the device due to a misuse from the customer, i-weaver has the right to apologize to the customer for not repairing and return the device with the customer paying the pre-agreed inspection fee.

5- The examination period for the customer's device takes 24-48 hours, and then the customer is provided with the condition of an appliance, and what time and cost it needs that were not clear before the examination.

6- If the service your device needs requires transferring information or installing software, then e-weaver has the legal right to copy the information, agree to the terms of the software license, and accept the terms on your behalf to complete the performance of the service.

7- You acknowledge that when the device is exposed to fluids, there is a possibility that the device will reach the technicians of I-weaver while it is not working or working partially, and that if you want to repair the device from fluid damage, the device may not return to its first level of performance because the fluids cause corrosion and rust Which leads to a decrease in the performance of the device after opening it.

8- You understand and acknowledge that the purpose of the fluid cleaning service that affects the device provided by maintenance is to obtain the device motherboard in an operable state, this service does not include other parts such as buttons, batteries, Wi-Fi cards, cables or any other components that are not included in The motherboard itself.

9- In all cases, you acknowledge and understand that iWeaver exonerates its space and does not guarantee the operation of the device after there are traces of liquids inside it, and if it fixes it, it does not guarantee that the same defect will not return or create another defect.

10- The estimated value of maintenance to fix the device is its principle value of what was found before the comprehensive examination, and in case you find an additional value that occurred after the examination, the maintenance technician will inform the customer of it and take approval of the repair or be satisfied with fixing the malfunction that caused him to find the device in maintenance.

11- You acknowledge that in the event that the device is opened in external maintenance, i-weaver does not guarantee the repair of the device, and if it is repaired it does not guarantee the return of the same malfunction or change.

12- When the device returns to the same problem, the maintenance performs the re-implementation of the service, repairs the damaged part, or refunds the cost of the provided service, a portion of which is the cost of the standard check in maintenance of i-weaver, with the part used by the customer returned hand to hand to the i-weaver technician.

13- You acknowledge and understand that it is necessary to use i-weaver your personal information in order to fully perform the service, and under these terms and conditions i-weaver undertakes to protect your personal information in accordance with the customer privacy policy in accordance with the terms and conditions of i-weaver.

14- You acknowledge the right of maintenance to transfer the device between i-Weaver branches without consulting the customer for the purpose of maintenance, while observing the time of repair of the device.

15-You acknowledge that i-Weaver is an independent company (a third party) that performs the repair process for the products and does not in any way belong to the original manufacturer, as it is like any independent body that provides repair and maintenance services, so i-Weaver is not always available with access to original equipment and spare parts.

16 - The customer is not entitled to claim the device without bringing the signed repair paper to the i-Weaver technician.