Yesterday the upcoming Apple conference in which the company announced it ended
 Officially about the iPhone 12 .. We review with you in this Thorid a summary of the devices presented

As expected, the new iPhone devices will support 5G technology
 Starting with the iPhone 12, which came in four different colors
 Including the new blue color, and the powerful A14 processor with six cores, which Apple says is 50% more .powerful than any other phone

mong the most important features of the iPhone 12 is the camera, which came with two lenses, both 12MP, with an improvement in the night photography technology, which gave the device a more beautiful photography at night .. The device also features an OLED screen with XDR Retina technology and the size of 6.1

One of the great additions to the new iPhone devices is the fifth generation control feature, which transforms the device when there is no need for a 5G network to 4G, which contributes to preserving the battery for a longer period.
It is noteworthy that the new iPhones will come without the wired headphone and the charging plug, in contrast, Apple has improved wireless charging technology, which will stabilize the devices directly from the back of MagSafe.
Apple also announced iPhone 12 mini, which comes with the same specifications as the iPhone 12 but with a smaller screen size of 5.4, and is the smallest, thinnest and lightest device in the world that works with 5G technology and comes in five different colors.

The third device that Apple launched yesterday was the iPhone 12 Pro, which also comes with an iPhone 12 Pro Max version, and it came in four fancy colors, including the new blue color, and two screen sizes 6.1 and 6.7, both of which are larger than the iPhone 11 Pro devices.

IPhone 12 Pro has a new bezel design and a Ceramic Shield glass body, giving it 4x better protection in the event of a drop, in addition to superior quality and durability stainless steel.
 Of course, it supports the 5G network with the best experience ever.
The iPhone 12 Pro comes with the A14 Bionic processor with 6 cores, which is the first chip with a resolution of 5 nm. The device also comes with an OLED screen with XDR technology, with a smaller frame, a larger screen ... and a powerful camera consisting of three lenses.
12MP WIDE lens, with aperture of 1.6 / F
12MP TELEPHOTO lens with F / 2.4 aperture with 120 ° field of view.
 With 5X optical zoom and new optical image stabilization by moving the sensor, better low-light photos by 87%.
The last devices to be announced were the HomePod Mini, which you can control by voice, and it enables you to control any smart device you have at home.
 It is worth noting that the headset is linked to the devices of all family members, and Siri can identify everyone through the sound.
The speaker features a new design architecture, an advanced S5 processor, and 3D stereo surround sound to provide 360 ​​degrees.
  It is highly integrated with the iOS system and enables you to control the entire house, and it comes in two colors, white and black.
In conclusion ... We hope that we have given you a sufficient summary of the Apple conference, and we will provide you with every update we receive to keep you updated with the latest company news.
  Tell us about the most important features you liked about the iPhone 12?
 What device you decided to acquire as soon as it becomes available?