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Who is i-Weaver?

We are a company established in 2007 specializing in Apple products and accessories, and it is one of the first authorized distributors in the Kingdom.

Are the products guaranteed?

Our products are 100% original products and they have an agent guarantee. The warranty period varies according to the agent, which includes one or two years, or even 3 years.

How long do I receive the products?

Mostly, the products are prepared on the same day of ordering except Friday, and if the order comes after 4pm, the order is prepared on the next day and is sent to the shipping company on
At the same time, if the order is with the payment upon receipt service, the support team will call you and take confirmation from you before the order is ready and if you want, the request may be delayed.

What distinguishes i-Weaver from others?

i-Weaver is an authorized Apple Distributor and specialist in dealing with devices, which you get is an excellent service from a trained team and free support throughout the warranty period and in case you visited our branches You can get additional services such as data transfer from the old device to the new and protection installation service and any software related services such as formations and others for free.

If my device is damaged or the screen is broken outside warranty, do you have maintenance?

* i-Weaver has a maintenance team that specializes in the repair and replacement of parts, screens, and devices for the iPhone, iPad and Mac with high quality parts and guaranteed maintenance within 24 hours.

* Some services require the device to be there for longer periods, so the customer is notified

I've never used Apple products, can you help me?

We have a very special team in i-weaver who are continuously trained in all products and their updates and we have a special department for technical support
What you can ask about anything in any Apple product, and God willing, they will answer you and solve you problems.

If you orderd a device from the site and got a problem when I was outside Jeddah, what would I do?

In this case, you have two options, the first of which is that you go to the agent located in your area and the second you contact the technical support department via WhatsApp, and they explain you how can you send the device, do the required maintenance, and send it to you

Do you have offers and discounts?

Of course, so you can get to know it when you download. Follow us on our account at Social Media at the bottom of the page and have fun.

Is the old device replacement service available for the new one?

Currently the service is not available soon, we will provide it, God willing

Is installment service available?

Yes it's available throw link: click here

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